Stitch&Sustain is all about sustainable practices. There are numerous ways to be sustainable. With so many options, there's no need to feel like your ENTIRE business model and practices have to be soup-to-nuts sustainable. However, it's not a bad idea! :) Change is accomplished with small victories.

Finding your sustainability and corporate responsibility story is the first step to change in the right direction. How does a mouse eat a cookie? Bite by bite. This is the approach Stitch&Sustain takes with change management in business, little by little and step by step.  Whether you're a start-up or an existing business that needs a fresh revamp of the business structure, Stitch&Sustain is here.  

My Story...

It all started in the fashion industry...

Actually, it all started with complaints to my mother that my Barbies needed a bigger wardrobe. "So, make more clothes for them," says my genius mother. Brilliant!

This inspiration lead to a decade of being immersed in the fashion industry. I have experience in every single element of the industry, from design to price negotiations of textiles.  I came to realize that the conceptualization to commercialization process is extremely resource wasteful and at times archaic. The fashion industry‚Äôs product life cycle process is in need of a serious face lift. As our economy changes, technology upgrades, and industries become more globalized on a daily basis; the industry must adapt accordingly. But how?

I asked this question as I entered into the Strategic Design and Management journey. During this journey, I discovered that it is HOW fashion is conducting business and it's business models that need a fresh approach. It was here, that I realized brands do not always require a complete revamp to become sustainable. Rather, what sustainability items and/or practices can ADD value to a brand?  Could this same thought process be applied to other industries? The answer- YES!

"Piss poor planning, leads to piss poor performance."

This common Marine Corps quote has been my inspiration since my days as a USMC Sergeant, to this very day. If  I can design processes that support sustainable business models, which drive streamlined workflow; I can properly equip a team for best practices that will drive productivity and great performance.  

That's my story,  now it's time to find yours!